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An example of a website for speed. We have called it Lincoln speed. We in Lincolnshire have designed this website for speed of landing. It is our fastest loading, landing website page in Lincolnshire. We have stripped out the the code and optimised everything on the page. Its been given by Google a Good Optimization and scores of 85/100 97/100. GTmetrics gives this landing page Page Speed Score (100%) YSlow Score (91%) A grade

Project speed Details

  • Bootstrap
  • PIE: CSS3 rendering for IE
  • Respond.js v1.4.2
  • jquery.scrolly v1.0.0-dev
  • jQuery v1.11.3
  • Fractal by HTML5 UP html5up.net | @ajlkn
    Font Awesome (fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome)
  • Unsplash (unsplash.com)

Images from the Website for speed of Loading Project.

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