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What makes a website's homepage design brilliant instead of Dull ?

Rewrite and optimize resources. Speed is King

adobe girl

Project Fashion

It is a website the a design is for the Fashion industry. This layout took a lot of work in the html script. It is a nice website for the Fashion industry

italy house

Project Photography Gallery

A design for Photography with lots of pictures and examples of how you could present your work It the slowest web site we have on show its a one page website loading 1.71 s because of the number of images it carries. If you need to show a lot of images then you must look for a image Gallery that holds the images in your SQL. SQL is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in a database.


Design Brigg Phantom

This website layout runs nice with lots to offer a web developer We kept the Elements page to show.


Project Phantom

The Elements page from Phantom

perfume girls

Project 5 Min

A new Retro site built just on html and css a five minute website It looks dated but its very fast loading.


Old Project Retro

When this website site first was shown on the internet it was wow When you look at it now its very much old fashioned and the kind of thing a 15 year old could build today. Its just for Desk top.