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We have used the different designs you can find on the Web and looked into the script removing errors and warning and re-coding to make then load fast

The Scripts are invisible to the visitor's eye but their availability within the code of a website defines how the website behaves in response to certain click requests sent by the user and how the web browser you are using behaves.

Problems with code might prevent it from being displayed properly in your web Browser.

Project Speed of Landing on your web Browser

Our landing page to demonstrate the speed you can achieve by simple script rewrite. From a web server in Europe on a good day this site has a loading of 450 ms with a retest of 328 ms 99% faster than all sites tested its a 100% grade A for script.

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Project Website design for Lincoln

A website for Lincoln a Template built with Twitter Bootstrap We put in a map for Brigg. Its a great thing that Google has with their Maps and looks good on your website but It has its costs in landing speed. Google Maps should be put on your contact page and not on your landing page, if you have single page website Google maps at the end of your page can help by the time people reach to bottom of your page Google Maps should of loaded.

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Project Design with Ease

A mini one page landing site It is a spiffy HTML5 UP layout design

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Project creative Full Screen website landing page

This website is a minimal yet creative Full Screen landing page it is free but you can buy it with out the back links removed and the from different companies range from 10 to 40 pounds for the latest design We are using it just as an example. Loading was 2.9 seconds we took it to a best of 539 ms. on a good day.

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About Coffee example website design

Project Coffee is an example. Its a fast loading site and a good script.

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