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Your website has faults and script errors in. We have not found a website in England that is fault free. 98% of website in the UK have script errors in which slows your website down. We can give you independent advice on your website and how it performs. There are many sides to web design two are functionality and impact. With functionality, it's key that people know how to use your site. On a desktop site people are used to seeing navigation at the top, or on the left. Putting it somewhere else would be like putting the contents page of the book randomly in the middle. Impact is how your website moves from landing page to information pages and what the visitor is looking for. On this site we have recreated the types and different designs as a show of what you can achieve with them for speed. If you need our help read on. The art work and images are for your enjoyment We are in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, UK. johnc

On our site examples of fast loading sites.

This website holds many different styles and individual designs of websites. As unlike other Web Design companies who just show the finished sites, we show our work live in the process of evolving, as we are mainly interested in the script. It shows our work in creating web sites for speed.

Have you heard with just a few clicks you can choose a professional website layout and customise it any way you like this sounds like a php script, it will have high-quality website design templates for your own website. That's fine but you need to make sure the script is machine readable for speed and impact. A lot depends on what you want a website for. johnc

Web site speed is King to your customers.

We have been making websites for over 12 years. The company started in 2007 and in the past we built websites just for ourselves. Our own websites where designed to sell on the internet so we know all the pit falls of owning a website. We have used many different hosting services over the years and know the differences between them.

Web Performance. You can learn more about web performance with their tools at Google. There are many free Website Speed Testing sites to analyze the load speed of your website, and give you an insight into how to make your website faster. At the end of the day is all about the script. johnc

Basic Design Tips for your Website.

Help and info on your website Design



Whether you are thinking about your home page, navigation, or content, keep it simple. Do not make it hard to your visitors to find what they are looking for.



Boring but wise While it might be tempting to throw all such design conventions out the window for the sake of being completely original or unique, this would likely be a mistake. It takes time for people to adapt to new things.



Design is subjective. Some like clean and modern, while others prefer traditional and more elaborate approaches to the design. Try and keep it simple and incorporate only the necessary elements to communicate your goals in a tasteful manner.



You must keep your site's navigation consistent, the overall look and feel of your site should be consistent across all of your site's pages. Our website is made of different examples so it may look as if we have no Consistency.

html code


Be sure to use a consistent hierarchy of headers. In HTML, these look like H1, H2, H3, and so forth. These headers convey the structure of your content.



Pick a primary colour that will provide the foundation of your design, then pick a contrasting accent colour for important buttons and other interface elements like images. Different combinations of images and colours can look great together.

The Features on this 2jc site

This web site design includes:

  • Bootstrap v4
  • jQuery
  • Font Awesome
  • A working contact form with validation
  • Styled page elements and customization
  • We designed the customization
  • Changed the Black to a lighter shade of Black

It is a full website for Bootstrap 4. Bootstrap built for smart Mobile phones and tablets. All Start Bootstrap templates are free to download and open source. They make a great start to your website for your website designers to use.


When you go to a design company, a developer will decide which of the web development languages and layout would best fits your needs that basically allows web developers to set it and then add pages as needed. The script can get put back and as long as the website works, it is passed to the client. The website in its self could be a great design and value for money. But if its slow loading will not give customer satisfaction while navigating your site. Websites are like cars If you purchase a car for your business do you park it on the road and just look at it ? What use is a car then ? Same as a website parked on the internet, people and Businesses get websites from web hosting design companies and then just look at them on the internet with out thinking what can they can do with the website to make it reach its full potential. And this is where we can help you and your business. We are happy to point you in the right direction and give you free advice on your website choice. We are a company registered in the UK. VALJC LIMITED Company number 06412087 Incorporated on 29th October 2007.


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