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A: We know how frustrating it can be when things go wrong on your website. If you’re having problems, we may be able to help you get them sorted. We give free advice to you to help identify the cause of your website faults and report them to you, as well as information about your website and possible ways to fix them, and what you should do. We give free advice and help to people with slow moving websites. We may not be able to help you if your site is a PHP script site. 2jc
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A: All you need to do it go to our contact us page and send in your details with your email address so we can reply to you. Any and informated information given to us is not stored or kept in any way we keep no records. So if you email us one day and recontact us a week later we would need to know the details of your last email. 2jc
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We do not make money. This project was started in January 2018 and have not figured out how to get people to give us money for our services or how to make money from this project. At present all services we offer are free, but any donations would be helpful to keep this project alive.
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