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Posted on April 28, 2018 at 12:04 PM

Element note for music using ssl working on

Element for auto play not allowed for mobile without controls ???

4:22 PM - 28 April 2018 progress on SSL

Good day lots of progress on website on SSL start page and all 4 different formats layed into the js script and the css on the html page link broken to by Chrome until htpps link was put in. Time you cannot put a static picture on with the ref to the video formats removing the whole web site. The design is brilliant and well thought out. The web designer would know how it works but for me we would have to take days looking at the script but we got there

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design woman
Twitter 29 Dec 2017
slide-3.jpg?1514 unable to Remove the query string Its odd 4 images and just 2 have this this project website has 18 JS scripts and 5 css Can I find normally can

This has beaten me ?

In the URL are not cached by some proxy caching servers, its better to remove them
JohnC 25 Dec 2017
Put in in html lang="en" tried html lang="en/gb"

Did not work

This did work lang="en-gb"
hour wasted var node = document.createElement ('script') node type = 'text/javascript';node async = true; does not work on this template ??? some reason unknown any combination of change stops the roll down menue in mobile view not good
girl design
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French German Italian going for Italy first I think using Google translate to make the text from English to Italian Last time the Google translate didn't mean the same things leaving translate fed up with it
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