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2004 Valjc limited started selling on the internet, with adds from Google adsense as a part time opportunity it was then we started testing and building websites to see which worked best. Since our formation of our company in 2007, we have been committed to delivering excellent, innovative digital projects completed to the highest possible standards with our own web sites.

Our start company F1jc Limited, F1jcshop and F1jc.com does not exist and to-day our new company name is Valjc Limited We changed our name to Valjc from F1jc after comments from Formula one management and the Perfume Shop.

Our main sites was f1jc.com to sell our goods on line but is closed down now. Our whole sale suppliers all gone bust and no longer exist. We where unable to buy in goods at completive prices to be able to survive selling on the internet.

Past campaigns

Our past work on Design


advertisement Campaign

Magazine Advertisements

Our poster campaign in Model Collectors Magazine national and local UK 2009

valjc girl

Perfume advertisement

Internet Advertisements

We sell Perfume and fragrance on the internet in the past but to day only cash sales as the wholesalers have become non competitive



Valjc Limited

Valroma Perfume kiosk

Our Perfume images used for sales

perfume shop
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