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Project Dance

The Dance studio website.

Project Details

Project Bootstrap

Well its a Bootstrap website and we would like to promote Bootstrap for website builders. Why ? Because they have the raw website bootstap code and are very easy to build with. You could buy one ready made with extras but its what you want from a website these need work to put in maps search and post script. Depending on your needs a web designer could make these into a great website.

Project Site

Project Factual

A mini one page landing site It is a spiffy HTML5 UP layout design

Project Site

Project Kappe is a minimal yet creative Full Screen Template

Kappe is a minimal yet creative Full Screen Template it is free but you can buy it with out the back links removed and the from different companies range from 10 to 40 Pounds for the latest design We are using it just as an example. Loading was 2.9 seconds we took it to a best of 539 ms. on a good day.

Project Site

Project PHP

PHP landing page

Project Page